I have seen thousands of sites that are offering free informational products when you join their email list. Does this work? Yes, it works. I do not believe that this is the best method for building your list. The people that are coming to your site do not know you. With so many viruses, trojans, and schemes that are going on today I have found that giving away information in a download just does not work.

I have found that you can entice people to join your list by letting them know that they are getting some exclusive access to some very valuable information. I do not make this information available for download. Instead, I create an auto responder to handle everything for me. Once you have an auto responder set up properly it will work wonders for you.

You can simply let people know that when they enter their name and email and click on Get Exclusive Information ( or whatever button that you have created ) they will have instant access to your exclusive information. Your thank you page that you will set up for people that sign up to your email list will let them know that they just received an email with a confirmation link that they need to click on to assure that only they will receive this information.

Now if you have set up your auto responder correctly. When someone clicks on the confirmation link in their email it should take them directly to the information that was promised to them. There are many auto responders available on the internet. Beware that not all auto responders are worth using. Make sure that they can get your mail delivered.

I have found this little method to be be the best way to build my lists pretty fast. There are a lot of other tricks that I know and I will be publishing them very soon. I hope this tidbit of information was helpful to you.

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