Edinburgh is one of the most beautiful cities in the world, full of wonderful architecture and with a rich history to explore. In our list of places to visit in Edinburgh, we provide you with some truly unforgetable sights.

1. Edinburgh Castle is the city's most famous landmark. Situated on high, within the city boundaries, the castle can be seen in all its magnificence from a reasonable distance. Once inside the Castle surrounds, you will be treated to stunning panoramic views across the city itself. This marvel of Edinburgh tourist attractions is built on the site of what was once a fort way back in the Iron Age. Today, it is home to the Scottish Crown Jewels including the Scottish crown itself which is one of Europe's oldest treasures. It also houses the "Stone of Destiny" which was used for centuries as a coronation stone observing the crowning of many past Scottish kings. It is rumored to be the same stone mentioned in the bible in relation to Jacob. The castle is also the venue for the national military museum and each day, (excepting Sundays) the one o'clock gun (a canon) is fired from the ramparts.

2. A journey along the famous "Royal Mile" that runs between Edinburgh Castle and the Palace of Holyrood House is a sheer delight. It runs through the heart of the old town which still keeps much of it original reformation period architecture. You can experience walking the narrow wynds and closures which remain much as they have been since medieval times. The pubs and restaurants that abound in the area of ​​the old town will enchant and delight you. Along the way you can drop in on Greylands Kirkyard, (kirkyard bringing the Scottish name for graveyard). It is famous for its story of Greylands Bobby, the escapades of the body-snatchers Burke & Hare, and is allegedly home to the Poltergeist of "Bloody MacKenzie.

3. The Palace of Holyrood House is at the far end of the Royal Mile and must go on your list of great places to visit in Edinburgh. The building is absolutely magnificent and is used today for state occasions. It is Queen Elizabeth's Scottish residence and you can take in its full, grand splendor with an organized tour.

4. Arthur's seat is to be found in Holyrood Park (sometimes called Queens Park). The park is a huge wild expense of open country with mountains, glens and lochs and unbelievably within easy walking distance of the city center. Arthur's seat (is actually the core of an 822ft high extinct volcano.) It is believed to be named after Prince Arthur of Strathclyde and not, as many people think, King Arthur of Arthurian legend.

The views of wild Scottish countryside are stunningly beautiful and it is difficult to believe you are on the outskirts of a thriving city center only a few minutes walk away.

5. The Scottish Parliament building is the "new kid on the block" amongst a city of historic buildings. This new building was very controversial when first built, but has now become an accepted "tour de force" by critics of the arts and architecture. It has won numerous awards including the 2005 Stirling prize. An encounter not to be missed.

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