Signposts of Social Marketing sites have helped build a list which is not only huge but also extremely responsive. It is one of the biggest successes attained by any company or brand (or even a blog).

Before I tell you how to work with social marketing as a tool to boost your list, you should remember a few points about your list. I refer my list as "my community" because for me my community is just not a set of email addresses; in fact I consider them as people what I look forward to building a relationship with. This attitude toward my list has helped me achieve what I wanted, till date. Similarly, your followers on Twitter and your friends and subscribers on Facebook and YouTube, respectively, are all your communities with which you should seek to build an everlasting relationship of trust.

Following are mentioned three strategies, using a social marketing website, which you can use to make your blog page prosper.

Social Marketing sites should be considered as signposts that immediately direct people to your page and lead them to becoming one of your subscribers. There are three major subscribers that you can use to boost your page.

1. Facebook – Embed a subscription box that you can use with your fan page on the site. This way, new and / or regular visitors can join your list. The next step should have you provide them with constructive information in exchange of their email addresses. The latter should be done once every week.

2. YouTube – Follow the same pattern as Facebook; first embed a subscription page, to which your viewers should be directed; your voice should be the background vocals in this video. The video as well as the description of the video should carry your link. These features help the viewer find you.

3. Twitter – make it a point that you exchange good information with your followers and ask for their email addresses in return. Be very social and friendly in your approach and include an invitation once, every day.

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