There are several benefits to newsletter marketing. First, it is an enticement to get your visitor's email address so you can build your list of prospects. Provide valuable valuable content and people will want to get your information. As you keep in touch with your list, this provides value to your prospects and helps to build your credibility. You can also make money by selling advertising in your publication.There are four general categories of newsletter content:

  • Factual content
  • Short tips
  • Mini stories
  • Case studies or an interview

You can also provide an introduction or a review of a new product, even if it is not yours. Newsletters, or ezines, are also great venues for promoting joint ventures. If you do not want to write and have the money, consider hiring a ghostwriter through or You can also get the Private Label Rights to articles and tweak those for your newsletter content.

You do not need much to get started; just content, an email list and a delivery method. You will need an autoresponder to deliver your messages at predetermined intervals. EasyResponder is a free autoresponder that works well. Aweber comes highly recommended from many 'guru' marketers. If you can afford it, it is worth paying a monthly fee for a reliable service. Since the money is in the list, a good autoresponder is a good investment.

Lastly, consider what format you will use to provide your newsletter. The different format options are text, html or PDF. The safest is text, but there are those who prefer html. PDF style newsletters are much more time consuming to produce. The best way is to give your readers the option.

Keep in mind that your newsletter is a reflection of you and your online business. Do not abuse your list and blast our sales pitches several times a week. Plan your messages ahead of time. Build up at least 10-20 to start. Keep your goals in mind: What do you absolutely want from your prospects? Remember that you want to build a relationship with them so they will buy your product or sign up for your services. Provide them with helpful information and slowly work in how your business can help them.

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