Cleaning the house and keeping it clutter free is a constant struggle among household owners. Some even cringe at the thought of doing a major cleaning project at home. It can definitely be overwhelming if your house has been taken over by piles and stacks of stuff. It's hard to know where to start and what to do. Now, if you are ready to clean your house and keep it that way for good, then it's time to channel your inner Niecy Nash and get your clean house on.

1. Do it gradually.

To be able to clean your house properly, a one day cleaning spree just will not cut it. Chances are, if you do it that way then you will not be able to efficiently clean the house. You'll end up missing some spots or it will just drain out all your energy that you'll tell yourself that you'll never clean the house ever again. Just as clutter accumulates gradually, it makes more sense to control it gradually. Controlling clutter is all about building new habits and creating new household routines. It actually takes time and there are definitely no short cuts.

2. Schedule a cleaning time.

The first thing that you have to do about your clutter situation at home is to schedule time to declutter. Contrary to popular belief, you do not really have to slide yourself the entire day just to clean your house. Even fifteen to thirty minutes a day would be sufficient. Like what I've said earlier, controlling clutter is a gradual process and not a one whole day affair.

3. Start with yourself.

Be your family's main motivator. If you live with your family, then you must set a good example to your kids or even to your husband in terms of being neat. But note that before you start acting like a clutter police at home, make sure that you can walk the talk.

4. Always have a storage solution for everything.

Clutter happens when things do not go where they should be. Here's a scenario, the mail arrives and you tell yourself you'll deal with it later and stash it somewhere and suddenly you forget about it. Lack of functional storage space is one of the reason why clutter accumulate so invest in boxes, clear containers and other kinds of storage to prevent things from lying around your house.

Controlling clutter is not impossible. Becoming well organized is highly doable. But just like any other thing, it takes discipline and motivation. Happy cleaning!

Source by Mich Ching

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