Why team building is an opportunity

More than during any other period in history, today is a time when the joint efforts of people are necessary to make a better world for ourselves and our children. What better place to target for improvement than the workplace as many people employed in businesses feel disconnected from their environment and fellow workers.

I have asked employees about their attitudes to their work and received responses including:

“The business culture at my work place is that you do as you are told.”

“I have tried to make suggestions about improving my work environment, but my ideas are brushed aside.”

“I want to be part of a team in a friendly atmosphere, however, it’s not likely to occur around here.”

This means that there is a significant amount of talent, ideas and skills that go to waste due to people not getting along as well as they should. Business is all about using resources effectively and wasted resources are bad for business. A lack of understanding of the other person’s point of view is often the cause of problems between people. Therefore employees, managers and business owners need to listen to each other to find out how people feel about their work.

Constructive action should be taken to remove barriers to communication and allow the heart of the business, its culture, to emerge and be the driving force for building an effective team. Positive benefits flow from friendly and helpful team members. For example, resolving customers’ complaints is much easier where employees and managers help each other to solve problems and improve service and production processes.

Happiness and success

Imagine for a moment a workplace where harmony and co-operation among the people is constantly being played out. Where interpersonal relationships between employees, managers and business owners are nourished by trust, respect and open two way communication. Productive work effort by happy workers need not merely be an idle dream but can be an everyday occurrence with a well functioning team.

This scenario sounds great, but I can hear you asking, “What can I do to encourage people to work as a team, get along with each other better and enjoy their work more?”

Four team building ideas

1. Like all worthwhile pursuits, the creation of a harmonious team takes deliberate action on the part of business owners, manager and employees. Creating a basic plan of how you want your team to operate and what you want them to achieve is a good way to start.

2. Make the most of the people who work in your business and take the time to know them better. Get along with them and understand their view of the business and wider world.

3. Develop trust between team members so they are certain of their workplace. Greater certainty means there is much less for them to worry about and less worry leads to more opportunities for harmony and co-operation resulting in increased production and quality outcomes for all stakeholders including financial success for the business.

4. Acknowledge team building efforts and celebrate milestones along the way and experience a better way of working within a supportive team.

Seize the opportunity of an effective team.

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